2012 Contest

3rd Annual Mahato Memoral Image Contest Winners

First Place

2012 First Place

Yumian Deng
Every time we shower, each water droplet serves as a convex lens and refracts the light, just like a camera lens. This picture, taken in the Kilgo bathroom, shows droplets refracting the light coming from the drain beneath. Each one shows the drain at a different angle.

Second Place

2012 Second Place

Jaclyn Launtz
Visualization of a fingertip, achieved by applying a highvoltage, high-frequency power supply. This image shows the electric gas discharge produced by our skin.


Third Place

2012 Third Place

Vikas Gupta
Image showing a section through a zebrafish heart that harbors transgenes, allowing for multicolor fluorescent labeling of cardiomyocytes (Brainbow).


People's Choice

2012 People's Choice

Robby Bowles
Seldom do we grasp life on a scale much different than our own. We quickly glance at the small bee on the nearby sunflower, but fail to experience the stamen. It may be too small for us to contemplate on our busy day, but more important to our day than we realize. The bee's transfer of pollen from the stamen to the pistil of the flower is vital to our ecosystem, a connection easy for us to miss. This photo of a bee feeding on the sunflower’s nectar was experienced at Jordan Lake, Apex, NC.

Honorable Mentions

2012 Honorable Mention_Frees

Amy Frees
An honest baseball sheds its skin to reveal a tangled architecture beneath.






2012 Honorable Mention_Kohn

Adam Kohn
Tucked away in the corner of Perkins library, the north east staircase is easily overlooked as students pass it every day. However, viewing the staircase from the bottom‐up (as any good engineer would do) reveals the unexpected geometric beauty hidden within this commonplace entity.