2013 Contest

4th Annual Mahato Memorial Image Contest Winners

First Place

2013 First Place - Cao

Changyong Cao

The hierarchical pattern is generated by harnessing the localized instabilities of graphene paper on prestretched compliant substrate, and can be potentially used as superhydrophobic coatings, flexible electrodes and supercapacitors. It shows us one amazing and unique sight of Nano-World.

Second Place

2013 Second Place - Brooke

Nathaniel Brooke
Omphalotusolearius growing in Hillsborough, North Carolina. Photo taken at night. This ordinary mushroom seen by day appears as a waxing astronomical wonder at night against the black sky. 





Third Place

2013 Third Place - Holcomb

Amanda Holcomb
NightSpace Shuttle Launch: One of the most magnificent displays of science I have seen. The incredible part that people do not realize is how the entire night sky is lit up as the shuttle takes off - for a brief moment it is as if the sun has come out at full blaze and then disappears into space.









People's Choice

2013 People's Choice - Diaz

Manual Diaz
This picture demonstrates the liquid rope-coil effect, which occurs when a falling stream of viscous liquid such as honey coils like a rope upon hitting a horizontal surface. This literally is "food for thought," since the mathematical equations that describe this phenomenon are quite interesting.




2014 Mahato Memorial Calendar

This year, we decided to compile the top 12 images into a spectacular 2014 Mahato Memorial Calendar!  If you are interested in purchasing one (or more!) for $15/each, please email Laila Roudsari at lcr22@duke.edu.

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